Why a Charlotte Mason Mama will love College Prep Science Courses!

An over view of Young Scientists’ Anatomy and Physiology Course.

Almost all the homeschooling books I’ve ever read suggest you look at the bigger picture when starting to plan your child’s education. Ask yourself, “when my child finishes their education with me, what knowledge will they have obtained?” Essentially, to start at the end and work your way backward. I’ve always known that somewhere in the later elementary and middle school years is the time to start introducing the sciences. So I have always kept my eye out for a good curriculum but finding a solid, Christian based, science curriculum is hard! When I was offered the opportunity to review College Prep Science‘s Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Course I was elated.

A little background here- I absolutely love Anatomy and Physiology! Back in college, I took several A & P and Microbiology courses and I found them completely fascinating! To be honest, those classes are what set my trajectory for most of the passion’s I currently hold now. I’ve been anticipating introducing the sciences to my children but I wasn’t sure where to start or with what curriculum to use. When I heard about College Prep Science Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Course it was a no brainier!

  • Christ Centered Science
  • Self Paced Course
  • Fit to your Unique Schedule
  • No required Exams
  • Subjective grading for the parent
  • Geared toward 3rd-6th grade students

About the Creator

Greg Landry, at College Prep Science, has made it so easy for a homeschooling parent to help instill a love and fascination of the sciences for their student. Greg, a former university professor and teacher of 20+ years, has poured his knowledge and passion into a user friendly and Christian based, Online Courses.

“He has a heart for students and a passion for science… but more specifically a passion for teaching students to see God’s hand in every aspect of His creation that surrounds us. His goal is to help them see that God’s creation didn’t just happen by chance – it wasn’t an accident, a fluke of nature.”

About the Course

This course is a self paced, online class. Which means you and your student can work through it based off of your unique schedule. That’s always the beauty of homeschooling, isn’t it? Honestly, it’s a bit reassuring when you are juggling multiple students or may also have a few little’s underfoot. Professor Landry has 13 prerecorded classes that your student can start, stop or replay when ever they want to.

Illuminating His Creation- Revealing His Glory!

Teaching Style

I’m not sure if Professor Landry knows who Charlotte Mason is, but I am sure she would approve of his teaching methods as his class does not require exams nor does he assign grades. He does leave the opportunity open for the parent if they should choose to implement them. In fact, much of his philosophy in teaching is reminiscent of Charlotte Mason’s Methods. This class is unique though, as he uses modern technology and up to date material to teach his course. Some parents who love the Charlotte Mason Method, often worry about is that it’s too literature heavy and does not incorporate the sciences enough. That their child might have gaps in their education, especially with our advancements in the sciences since her era. Rest assured this class is packed full of information that will help any student, especially if they aspire to one day work in the medical field.

  • Easy to Navigate Platform
  • Question and Troubleshooting Support
  • Printable Student Study Guides

Class Descriptions

The Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Course Material is geared toward students in grades 4th-6th but younger siblings who might also want to watch will absolutely enjoy it and glean much from the classes too! The course is broken into thirteen classes:

Class #1-  Note-Taking, Studying, & Test-Taking – This might be the first time your student is required to take notes! Professor Landry takes the time to address the importance of note taking skills for future use in their education. He also explains different techniques to help your student retain information in their long term memory, like his NSSR Method: Notes, Sketches, Summary and Retrieval! (You may even recall using these techniques in your college classes too!)

Class #2-  Metric System, Temperature, Precision, & Accuracy– In this class Professor Landry introduces the Metric system, what it is and who uses it. He also covers base units and prefixes of the metric system. Ways to record measurements using the International System of Units like temperature, volume of a liquid and mass. As well as probability, precision and accuracy and how we can apply it to the scientific method when doing an experiment.

Class #3 – Scientific Method & Lab Reports– Purpose, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis and Discussion! Here we learn about the scientific method, what the difference is between a scientific theory verses a scientific law and how a student could preform an experiment with a complete written lab report.

Class #4 – Creation, The Cell, & Organelles– Very few science courses begin with God being the creator of the Universe! Here Professor Landry references the Bible as the student examines the 7 days of creation along with the intricate way God designed the building blocks of our world- through cells! Professor Landry gives us an in depth look at the anatomy of both types of plant and animal cells along and he also discusses osmosis and diffusion.

Class #5 – The Skeletal System I– Bones and Planes? In this class your student will learn about the four imaginary flat surfaces that pass through the body in an anatomical position, also known as planes! This information helps your child learn 32 bones on the Anterior Skeleton ( forward facing bones).

 Class #6 – The Skeletal System II– All through out Professor Landry’s classes your child is reminded how God designed our bodies with such a wonderful purpose! Part two of the skeletal system we learn about 34 bones in the Posterior Skeletal System (rear facing bones).

 Class #7 – The Muscular System I– Did you know there are three different types of muscles in the body? In this class your student will take a look at 26 of the anterior muscles.

Class #8 – The Muscular System II– In this class your child will learn about 24 of the posterior muscles.

Class #9 – The Digestive System– Follow your food from start to finish as Professor Landry takes an in depth look at the digestive system! Can you name the three different parts of the small intestine? Duodenum, Ileum and Jejunum!

Class #10 – The Cardiovascular System – Heart- The anatomy of the heart is truly fascinating! Professor Landry draws attention to how spectacularly God designed it! How does the heart know how to beat? It has it’s own intrinsic functions! In this part one of the Cardiovascular System class, your student will learn the pathways in which the blood flows through each valve as it is oxygenated and deoxygenated from the lungs and body.

Class #11 – The Cardiovascular System – Arteries & Veins– In second part of the cardiovascular system we learn about 11 veins and 17 arteries in the body. Did you know the artery closest to the heart is the biggest? In fact the aortic arch is about the size of a quarter!

Class #12 – The Cardiovascular System – Blood-In this final part of the Cardiovascular system your student will get to learn about the blood! From the different types of blood, to the different elements that make up the blood, like erythrocytes (red blood cells), plasma and the buffy coat layer.

Class #13 – The Respiratory System– Did you know that the ambient air around us is comprised of 78% of Nitrogen and only 21% oxygen? In this last class on the respiratory system your student will follow air molecules into the body and through the lungs.

* Please note that Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Course does not cover the male and female reproductive system.

The Call for more Christian Scientists

We absolutely need more Christian Scientists in our world and I pray that Professor Landry’s courses will help ignite a flame in your young scientist’s heart! Our world is just a small reflection of how amazing God is and it is our duty to share how magnificent His creation is! By taking these classes, your student will be better equipped with the knowledge to do just that! My student really enjoyed listening and learning from Professor Landry’s course and I his courses in the future for our entire family.

Work hard, persevere, have fun!

Start Today with Freebies!

If you’re interested learning more about College Prep Science be sure to check out their website now and sign up for their extra free resources! You can these implement these science freebies in your homeschool today!

  • A list of common mistakes with homeschool science and how to avoid them.
  • Earth Science student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio.
  • “Muscles” student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio, and.. your palmaris longus?
  • A cool ancestry wheel for your children to fill-in. Students love this and it leads to lots of educational activity that they love – with accompanying audio.
  • COVID-19 / viruses student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with accompanying audio.
  • Weekly with additional freebies, updates on classes and labs, science teaching tips, free science graphic organizers, free science subject teaching guides, etc.

Freebies for Homeschooling Moms!

*The previous post was a paid sponsorship in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and for supporting my blog*

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